This equipment allows the user to monitor the step response of an IBP sensor, to support an alternate method for the frequency response test in IEC 60601-2-34:2011 (Clause

A typical IBP sensor has a high frequency response well above the 10Hz limit in IEC60601-2-34. If it can be shown that the response of the sensor is sufficiently high as to be negligible, the monitor can be tested separately using electronic simulation alone (e.g. MEDTEQ IBPS), replacing the original test which requires mechanical simulation of sine waves. The mechanical method described in the standard is difficult to prepare and has been shown to be problematic in practice.  

The SRJ helps to establish the frequency response (bandwidth) of the sensor part based on the measured fall time in response to a step change. The unit connects to any USB supply (used for +5V only), and has standard 6 pin RJ connector as well as a 4 terminal block for non-standard types of sensors.

Internally,  a precision high speed amplifier provides a differential gain of 400, boosting the sensor signal from 5µV/V/mmHg to 10mV/mmHg, or 1V for 100mmHg. This signal size is easily visible on an oscilloscope via a standard BNC connector, allowing easy analysis of of the waveform.  

See also the short Instruction manual for more details. 

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