MEDTEQ has developed an 8 channel temperature measurement system specifically for measuring temperatures around the human body range, where low margins between the measured temperature and the allowable limit can demand a higher accuracy and resolution than standard laboratory equipment. 

With a small sensor size, resolution of 0.01°C and an overall measurement uncertainty of 0.2°C over a range from 10 to 50°C, the Human Body Thermometry system (HBTS) is suitable for measurements of applied part temperatures (endoscopes, ultrasound probes, pulse oximetry and many others), and also for systems that control temperature such as infant incubators, infant radiant warmers, dialysis systems humidifiers and more.

The sensor is an NTC thermistor (same type frequently used in medical systems), with a MEDTEQ developed system of special electronics and software to ensure highly accuracy of the range typically required for testing. During production, each sensor of the HBTS is individually calibrated to within 0.02°C against precision Pt100 probe in a circulating waterbath. Calibration coefficients are stored in the firmware of each unit. 

The PC based software allows the user to view the plot of temperature with time, and stores the minimum, maximum and average values of temperature for each channel. Both the graph and data are easily copied for transfer into test reports or other test records.

The system has the following key specifications (refer to the operation manual for more detail):

±0.2°C       (overall accuracy)

±0.05°C     (e.g. temperature rise, measured by single channel, over time)

±0.1°C         (e.g. temperature rise, measured between channels)


<20s (to within ±0.1°C, including software filtering)


Up to 10 hours (PC capacity may affect)

  • Current temp, min / max / average
  • Graph with easily adjustable time and temperature spans
  • easy to copy graph and table data to other applications (e.g. MS Word)
  • 50/60Hz filtering (software selection)
  • absolute and relative humidity indication (using Ch1/Ch2 as dry/wet bulb)

Relay (for precision temperature of chambers)
Reduced channels (lower cost)



Absolute accuracy

Relative accuracy (time)

Relative accuracy (channels)


Response time

Length of leads

Recording time


Software features