ECG standards: IEC 60601-2-25, IEC 60601-2-27, IEC 60601-2-47

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MEDTEQ experience

ECG is one of the original areas for MEDTEQ equipment development, with the popular SECG, MECG and CMRR units being developed in conjunction with many real testing projects and ultimately sold throughout the world to both manufacturers and test agencies. Over a period of more than 10 years a constant flow of testing projects direct to MEDTEQ and through test agencies helped to solidify the experience, from simple tests such as sensitivity and frequency response through to more complex tests such as CTS/CSE database tests for automated measurements, and rhythm/ST/arrhythmia detection using databases such as MIT-BIH and AHA. 

TEST EQuipment

The SECG, MECG and CMRR devices have now been transferred to partner company WhaleTeq. MEDTEQ continues to support the development of more equipment in ECG area, as well as servicing and calibration for the original units. While the older MEDTEQ units are compatible with the latest WhaleTeq software, legacy software for the MEDTEQ units can still be downloaded from the original MEDTEQ website (SECG/MECG).

A version of the ECG high frequency coupling network for IEC standards is available  (HFCN-ECG). A more complex version with the inbuilt simulator required by ANSI/AAMI standards is available from WhaleTeq (HFCN Test Fixture)


MEDTEQ laboratory has the full range of equipment for performance testing of ECG, with traceable test equipment, except for defibrillator testing and ESU immunity testing. Both of these tests can be arranged through partner agencies . Refer to the Testing Services page for more details. 


Guidance and opinion, including possible errors in the standard, is provided for selected clauses of the ECG standards: