The HFIT 8.0 is the next generation in the HFIT series, designed for evaluating compliance with IEC 60601-2-2 dielectric strength and cable leakage current testing. The standard model is designed for testing agencies that may need to deal with a wide range of ratings from 400Vp to 7200Vp. The model includes 4 modes, 2 with adjustable crest factors designed to cover the requirements in the standard no matter the rating. 

The HFIT 8.0 adds the following new features to the existing HFIT 7.0:

  • Internal measurement and display of: 
    • Vpeak (+Vp, -Vp)
    • Vrms
    • Crest factor
    • Irms, I peak
    • Frequency
    • Crest factor target
    • Test time
  • Auto mode: user sets the target peak voltage, and the system selects the mode, adjusts the voltage and crest factor
  • Timer function
  • Increased load capacity (150pF for up to 6kVp)

Additional material:  

Operation Manual

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