Material for equipment with PC software

HBTS 1.0   Human Body Thermometry System

Current software,
uploaded 24 December 2014

IBPS 2.0 Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator

Current software version
uploaded 1 November 2017

PPS 4.0    Precision Pressure Sensor

Current software version,
uploaded 7 August 2015

Download the USB driver to a known location. The first time any MEDTEQ device is connected, manual select this file as the driver (refer to the operation manual for details). 
* after extracting the file, rename the file "" to "setup.exe". This option is provided for users where executable files might be blocked by security settings.  

Operation manuals OTHER equipment:

High Frequency Insulation Tester HFIT 7.0
High Frequency Insulation Tester HFIT 8.0
 Step Response Jig SRJ